Hog Days of Summer is a BBQ & Music celebration raising money for Hogs For The Cause.   The event aims to bring Montgomerians together in a family-friendly atmosphere to enjoy great food and Americana music. Americana-style music incorporates elements of various American music styles, including Rock & Roll, Country, Blues, Folk, & Bluegrass to form a roots oriented sound.

The 2019 ‘Hog Days’ will be held in Montgomery’s Union Station Train Shed on Saturday, August 17.  The Druids Charity Club BBQ team has once again joined forces with Moe’s Original BBQ, Dreamland BBQ, Jim 'N' Nick's BBQ, and Full Moon BBQ to put on a festive experience in downtown Montgomery running from the early afternoon into the evening.



The trainshed will have multiple smokers making delicious BBQ and side dishes, creating a variety of popular BBQ styles for our patrons. The event will also feature other great restaurants and chefs, look for announcements on that soon!


To punctuate the celebratory nature of the occasion, an Americana themed music component consisting of three bands will be rocking the shed. The bands will be announced at a later date. Please check the 'Band Lineup' tab.


We strive to create an atmosphere which is appealing to the entire family. As such, a Kids Zone complete with inflatables, arts and crafts, and games will be provided for enjoyment by guests of all ages.


Hogs for the Cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on helping families who have been affected by pediatric Brain Cancer.   Many families in this situation find themselves facing overwhelming costs associated with their child's medical treatment.  In order to offset these hardships, Hogs provides monetary grants to families in need.  Hogs is committed to maximizing the impact of every dollar to support these families.  Currently Hogs operates as the premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer services in the United States and has given grants to over 300 families in just 7 years.   The Druids Charity Club has partnered with Hogs, and we ask that you join our efforts to lesson theburden on these families.   While Hogs for the Cause is based in New Orleans, EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT THIS EVENT WILL BENEFIT A LOCAL RIVER REGION FAMILY IN NEED.