(Names have been removed to protect anonymity)

Grant #1:

"A" is an almost 21 year old in the River Region currently on hospice due to a brain tumor that she was diagnosed with as a small child.   Her condition has worsened forcing her mother to miss work and thus she has gotten behind on her mortgage payments.  A and her mother are the only members of the household; her mother has been a devoted caregiver to "A" for all these years.  They are, not only, facing significant stress and strain from the hospice transition, but are also now worrying about losing their home. 

In response to this story, a grant was sent to this sweet family covering the entire past due amount on their mortgage, hopefully eliminating this unnecessary stress and providing some relief

Grant #2:
"B" is a 12 year old diagnosed with glioblastoma.   He was diagnosed years ago, and after therapy went into remission.   He was starting to learn the joys of being a young boy again.  Specifically, learning how to play baseball, when, unfortunately, he was given the news that his cancer had returned.  B's symptoms have been rapidly worsening.  And tragically, B also has a brother with a brain tumor which left him with significant disability.  Now with two children at home suffering from neurological disabilities, B's parents have been forced to miss work to spend more time at home.  They are now experiencing significant financial strain.   Through Hogs for the Cause, we have given this great family a grant to help ease their financial worries.
Grant #3:
"C" is a young girl diagnosed with astrocytoma.  Her cancer has grown to a point where it is necessary to have spine surgery.   After surgery, she will need extensive care at home.   Her mother will need to take off several weeks from work during her daughter's healing process.   Because of your donations, Hogs for the Cause has given a grant to C and her mom to help offset these lost wages.
Grant #4:
"D" was a healthy teenage boy who loved playing football until one day last April, when he started having problems with his balance.  His parents took him to the doctor, and nothing was found to explain it, but antibiotics were prescribed in case of an inner ear infection.  A few days later, his speech became garbled and hard to understand.  A week later, the family was here at Children’s, because he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He started daily radiation, and later chemo, but unfortunately these treatments had little effect.  Unfortunately "D" succumbed to his cancer; his mother had left her job to be with her son and his father was disabled.  Their savings were spent on insurance co-pays and rental of a handicapped van.   Grieving for their son, their son, they were faced with the realization that they did not have the money to pay for his funeral.  Hogs for the Cause assisted the family with funeral expenses.  “Thank you so much for helping with our baby’s final expenses,” the mother stated when told that Hogs for the Cause would assist.  “This was the last thing we ever thought we would need.” 
Grant #5
"E" is eight, and has been battling a brain tumor for half of her life.  She is now on hospice, and her father lost his job after his FMLA ended; her only insurance now is COBRA.  The family’s income is just a little too high for Medicaid.  Hogs for the Cause helped cover the cost of a month of COBRA, to keep her insurance coverage.  The father will return to work, but wants to be with "E", the couple’s only child, and her mother for the next few weeks.  There are new tumors, and treatment is no longer keeping them at bay.  “I have always worked hard to support my family,” the dad told me.  “But my place right now is at home with "E" and my wife.”  The family is celebrating Christmas early this year.
Grant #6:
"F" is nine, and is in a clinical trial to fight her brain tumor, which recurred recently.  Her parents have had to cut back on their work hours to care for her and to travel to and from Birmingham for her treatments.  They have health insurance, but had a large copay as a result of her most recent hospitalization, almost $1000.  Hogs for the Cause covered this expense for the family.  “Now we can have a Christmas,” said her mother, “instead of having to worry about this bill.” 
Grant #7:
"G" is a 12 year old girl with astrocytoma.   She and her mother thought that her disease was behind them but unfortunately, she has had recurrence of her disease this year.  Her mother is a single parent and was having a difficult month; her work hours were cut, and she also had to put down a desposit on a new (used) vehicle.  She needed help with paying for food for her family.   Hogs for the Cause provided a grant to help them during these tough times.